An understated organic pattern, layered into a soft visual of woven textiles, designed with healthcare spaces in mind.

Vivendi II Collection STYLES

Perennial hero Perennial hero
  • Alba VIV025 Alba VIV025
  • Cashmere VIV017 Cashmere VIV017
  • Celeste VIV027 Celeste VIV027
  • Oat Straw VIV014 Oat Straw VIV014
  • Parchment VIV023 Parchment VIV023
  • Ravus VIV018 Ravus VIV018
  • Sandalwood VIV020 Sandalwood VIV020
  • Sere VIV026 Sere VIV026
  • Suma VIV024 Suma VIV024
  • Verdigris VIV028 Verdigris VIV028
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