A new edition to the TX:Style collection is; A La Mode;  an abstract design that alludes to the glitz and glamour of fashion; with multiple pattern layers translating into a contemporary organic visual. Sharing the same colorways with the Integra HP coordinates, Bark II   Canopy II   Squareberry II, A La Mode is available as a modular tile with Infinity® RE backing, made from recycled carpet tiles via LOOP reclamation program with up to 40% total recycled content.      
TX:Style – A La Mode hero TX:Style – A La Mode hero
  • Austen Austen
  • Barcelona Barcelona
  • Cedar Cedar
  • Elder Elder
  • Fir Fir
  • Hazel Hazel
  • Hickory Hickory
  • Ironwood Ironwood
  • London London
  • Paris Paris
  • Spruce Spruce
  • Sumac Sumac
  • Sycamore Sycamore
  • Sydney Sydney
  • Walnut Walnut
  • Wilde Wilde
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