Via is a new visual inspired by both stone and wood, and then abstracted to create an organic, linear pattern. Designed to move beyond mimicry, while maintaining the comfort of patterning found in nature. Each colorway is subtle, yet complex, missing monochrome tones and color play. Featuring Quantum Guard HP, a patented urethane wear layer with aluminum oxide cured by an ultraviolet process. Provides exceptional wear resistance, stain resistance and lowers maintenance cost. No polish, no buffing maintenance option. Available in 18" x 18" tile and 4" x 36" plank.
Nature’s Path – Via hero Nature’s Path – Via hero
  • Camino Camino
  • Corso Corso
  • Passo Passo
  • Regia Regia
  • Sentiero Sentiero
  • Strada Strada
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