Simplicity and subtle texturing create Serikos II, a small scale modern sophisticated interpretation of a woven fabric.  Featuring ColorSafe® bleach resistance and XGuard® stain resistance, Serikos II with Integra HP impermeable backing make it a perfect choice for health and aged care environments.
Serikos II hero Serikos II hero
  • Adventure Adventure
  • Allegory Allegory
  • Amanpuri Amanpuri
  • Brickell Brickell
  • Callistoga Callistoga
  • Canzone Canzone
  • Cedar Cedar
  • Dogwood Dogwood
  • Elm Elm
  • Expedition Expedition
  • Hickory Hickory
  • Hike Hike
  • Kinan Kinan
  • Kura Kura
  • Lyric Lyric
  • Magnolia Magnolia
  • Outing Outing
  • Passport Passport
  • Prose Prose
  • Sanctuary Sanctuary
  • Sojourn Sojourn
  • Voyage Voyage
  • Wend Wend
  • Zara Zara
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