New Woven Carpet Collection – Hem

GEO is very excited about the new woven carpet collection from Carpet Concept – Hem.  The winner of The German Design Award 2015 in the field Excellent Product Design.

Designed by renowned Dutch Architect, Ben Van Berkel from UNStudio in Amsterdam for Carpet Concept.  “Inspired by the changing patterns and colours that emerge and evolve both in nature and through man’s intervention in the environment, the HEM Living Landscape collection constitutes abstracted synthetic patterns created through a reductive pixilation process. In the Living Landscape series these new breeds of synthetic pattern place equal importance on both sensory and functional qualities, thereby adapting themselves to the cross overs inherent to today’s dynamic living and working environments.”

Hem is based on non-directional dot patterns, which appear to results in ever new graphical images and are perceived in various ways when viewed from different angles and distances. Numerous shades serve as a basis for the composition and highlighting of 34 color variations. This wide variety of shades invites the user to apply different combinations – to create one’s own unique landscapes.  Hem provides a living landscape of pattern and colour, to a hard-wearing and durable Wilton woven carpet, exuding a soft, comfortable and homely aesthetic, suitable for the corporate workplace, lobby areas, public buildings, hotels, and many more applications.  See the entire range