Eco Iqu S – Interior Innovation winner of the ICONIC AWARD 2017

Eco Iqu S is a new visionary idea that rethinks the way we look at carpet surfaces. The innovation: a minimal or puristic, two-dimension flat weave from which loop piles literally grow in the third dimension.  This clever technology combining the weaves and pile, brings both sophistication and a feeling of warmth and cosiness into commercial spaces.

The yarn structure consists of matte and shiny threads; whilst a depth effect is created by the visibly woven sublayer or subsurface.  This mix is a world first revolution: not plush, but a technoid textile adding a homely charm to the work environment.

Colours play a vital role in the development and creation of new carpets. They generate architectural effects, let a room appear bigger or smaller and primarily create atmosphere.

Eco Iqu S is Antron 6.6 high performance carpet fibre, characterized by the protruding, twisted pile. The high-quality Antron fibre is distinguished by durability and a high level of colour fastness. The firm molecular structure of the Antron fibre maintains the texture of Eco Iqu S and makes the carpet resistant to pressure marks.


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