The Portland Project – Wander and Wonder

The Portland Project, from Mannington Commercial, honouree in Interior Design HiP Awards is now available in Australia.

The design team embarked on a week-long exploratory journey of Oregon’s wild, rugged and remote coastline for inspiration for the Portland Project.  Close observation led the design team to three unique styles, where connections become patterns, adventure translates to texture and textile, and a multifaceted colour palette, inspired by the coastal wilderness, brings every element perfectly together.


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Intrinsic – Anything But Ordinary

Designed through collaboration with a network of designers together with Mannington Design Studio comes the Intrinsic Collection.

Inspired by an Eames Studio film – Powers of Ten, developed in the ’70’s, which explores the importance of scale and relationships. Intrinsic is an Interior Design Best of Year Finalist, HiP Awards Honoree, and #metropolislikes Award Winner.

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Intrinsic is a series of four colour coordinated designs: Confluence, Intertwine, Merge, and Magnify.  The 16 colours form a three-part colour story of palette coordination, described as Neutral-Neutral, Neutral-Colour, and Colour-Colour.

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Eco Iqu S – Interior Innovation winner of the ICONIC AWARD 2017

Eco Iqu S is a new visionary idea that rethinks the way we look at carpet surfaces. The innovation: a minimal or puristic, two-dimension flat weave from which loop piles literally grow in the third dimension.  This clever technology combining the weaves and pile, brings both sophistication and a feeling of warmth and cosiness into commercial spaces.

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QuickStix. Ready, Sticks and go.

QuickStix is a groundbreaking pre-applied adhesive for LVT flooring launched by Mannington Commercial.

QuickStix was designed to speed up the LVT installation process, as well as extend its effectiveness to projects where adhesives prove challenging. Upon receipt of QuickStix-backed LVT, the tile is immediately ready to be installed and sticks and sets upon installation—decreasing installation time as well as wait time, both of which are valuable in tight construction schedules or when down time for renovations cause a loss of revenue.

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Eco IQU – innovative fine structure in flat woven carpet

Innovate your project with the new Eco Iqu carpet, characterised by classical woven and minimalist coordinating design with a varying textural aesthetic. As explained by Thomas Trenkamp, designer of Eco Iqu at Carpet Concept, “the idea was to develop a bespoke suiting for the floor”. This resulted in 2 designs; one which is a delicately structured product as couture for a corporate office environment, and the other a rougher craftsman’s look as a strong counterpart.

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